Phillip Caudell

Putting the Kangaroo Down

Just over 9 months ago I quit my day job as head of iOS at 3 SIDED CUBE to start my own venture Electric Kangaroo. I ended up building a product called Roboto. I think Roboto is probably one of the finest things I’ve ever created. It tested me both creatively, technically and emotionally.

The last one is key. Emotionally. I had a realisation that life is just far too short to spend even one day unhappy, let alone several months. Working alone is tough, and I’ll happily admit I’m not cut out for it. I love working in a team, and I love being surrounded by talented people.

That’s why today I’m announcing I’m returning to 3 SIDED CUBE in a newly minted role Product Lead. Roboto will continue on, except now it’ll have the support and enthusiasm of the entire 3SC team behind it.

As Product Lead I’ll now be free to focus on the bigger picture of Roboto, as well as other exciting new projects.

Watch this space.

tl;dr I’m returning to Cube, Roboto will be just fine, and we’re going to kick ass.

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